About Us
At Manuel Duran, translating documents form English to Spanish or vice versa comes easy after doing it for over 40 years.

Forty-six years as a translator and interpreter has given me work in various fields, including medicine, law, religion, art, music, science, and more. You can give us documents involving any of these fields and I can guarantee that our Manuel Duran team can give you an accurate translation. And we have been doing this as a team since 1990. We also provide transcription services for audio and visual tapes.

Our document translation services in San Diego also touch on more serious matters involving the court. We are quite confident going on this side of the business because of my experience working as a court interpreter since 1990. I spent six years working in a criminal court in Santa Ana, California. I also worked in the immigration court in Los Angeles. But since 2006, I have stuck to working only as a certified translator. We are proud to say that we are certified by the state of California and the federal court. 

My motivation to get up and go to the office to work is the fact that I am helping bridge a communication gap between businesses and/or individuals. We have a certified translator Los Angeles ready to work on your document if you are from the US, but our office has more reach in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and Oceanside areas in California.

We can accept your business 24/7 if you call us at 626-367-6409 or email us at [email protected] You can learn more about us too from our site at manuelduranenglishspanishtranslations.com. 

Need a certified English-Spanish translator? Call Manuel Duran translation services today!